Green Solutions

Green Solution

A sustainable way and a healthy environment is the basic streamline that drives Grace Green infra for developing and promoting Green Technologies. Being Environmental-Friendly and Sustainable at the same time, they serve as two-prong approaches to adapt to new means of looking at treating wastewater. Grace Green infra's Biofilter system is not only chemical-free treatment but it also uses the least power. In fact, the system can run on solar power. In return, it supplies rich fertilizer as a by-product. The waste to energy concept can be adapted to small to big localities, villages, and rural areas which supports providing food waste to electricity, fuel, and manure. Rainwater harvesting further adds to the conservation of life driving element of water. Expertise design and the efficient engineered solution are available at the closet of Grace Green infra.

Waste to Energy/ Waste to Compost

(Biogas as Fuel/ Biogas to Electricity/ Compost Generation from Food Waste)

  • Modular/Fabricated/Civil Based System

Eco-filter System (Ecofriendly)

(Least Power/ No chemical/ No odor/ No sludge/ Fertilizer in return)

  • Modular/Fabricated/Civil Based System

Rainwater Harvesting

  • Roof System / Catchments System

Pond/Lake Rejuvenation

  • Biofilter Treatment/ Surface Treatment