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About Us
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Grace Green Infra

GRACE GREEN INFRA PVT. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a leading manufacturer and a trusted supplier of technologically acclaimed products. We offer customized solutions for environment sustainability and specialty chemicals for total water and waste water treatment solutions. We manufacture water treatment plants and equipments ranging from low to mid-size capacity along and supply effluent treatment plants and STP facilities tailored to suit our customers’ requirement. Along with these, we also undertake and execute O&M services of RO and DM plants/pre-treatment plants, ETP/STP and other customized services related to commissioning and O&M of water and wastewater system. We design and execute water testing laboratories with instruments and chemicals to monitor water parameters. We establish the most cost effective and performance guaranteeing products. We have a network of dealers/company’s representatives at strategic locations spread across the country to strengthen the supply chain mechanism and interaction with clients. With innovative technologies and a comprehensive range of services, Grace Green Infra enjoys a leading position in providing complete water and wastewater solutions.

“To become industry leader in delivery of environment solutions designed for protecting the environment and enhancing sustainable development in a safe, efficient and responsible manner and building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet”

“We strive to offer innovative and competitively priced environment solution to all our customers with international standards and create an exceptional solutions vital to health and life”

Our Customers

We are reliable, committed, and trustworthy collaborators with our customers. Our partnership adds value by improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

Our employees

are our assets and brand— we provide a work culture based on trust and fairness and promote creativity, integrity and social responsibility.

Our service range

(Complete supplier & life cycle partner) is based on a holistic life cycle model extending from project development to a long-term relation with our customers.


Our comprehensive technical and economic know-how guarantees efficient project realization

Core Values



 As a team of dynamic professionals that work cohesively with colleagues, customers, and partners around the world, we strive to accomplish our corporate vision by building strong relationships that are guided by the principles of tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation. 


All our actions are indispensably guided by a lasting sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards the holistic development of the communities in which we serve, always showcasing exhibiting genuine concern for others’ welfare.


We are personally accountable for the delivery of all our commitments in accordance to established standards and always measure ourselves against integrity. We are caring, respectful, compassionate and humanitarian towards our colleagues and customers around the world and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve.


We strongly support and stand by all efforts towards the development of the
national economy and pledge to conduct our business fairly, transparently , and with honesty.. Everything we do stands the test of public scrutiny.


We uphold standards of excellence by turning out the highest quality products and services bearing in mind that this is the single most fitting tribute to our customers and to society. We foster creative work environments in order to challenge ourselves to innovate and improve our processes, procedures and services.